A small team of architects in santa barbara is crafting inspiring designs in the great Californian city. California has always been known for their pressing architecture, and new needs in technology are forcing some creative new ideas. Wilhelm Architects is leading the industry on a local level, and arguably on a national scale as well. Their designs, both small and large, have created a huge impression for developers.

Geometry and Minimalism

A small library does not need to be impeccably designed. If it is practical and gets the job done, the results are perfectly acceptable. The library in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is a different example. The main library branch is a spinning cauldron of beauty. The library rises from one floor to the next in a center spiral, and the organization leaves nothing extra to be desired. The design itself is very geometric. The exterior is minimal and design, and has a subtle specificness. It is a stunning display or architecture, and santa barbara architects have taken note.

One team developed a wonderful little office building in the area that rises in the center with an arch. One of the main exterior walls is coated in entirely in a gray coloration, and the wall is covered in perfect squares. The design is simplistic to such a high degree, it comes off almost futuristic. The front has a huge arch with square window panes set up throughout and from the center.

The Plated Building

A specific plan for a large building in Santa Barbara is addressing some serious design obstacles. The building is crafted in layers, and each subsequent layer upon the other diminishes in size. It is like a stack of plates where each one gets smaller than the previous. The design is similar to a pyramid, except each layer is flat, and residential architect enough space is set between each one to provide window space and entrance into separate building layers. The design is a stunning achievement, and one can only hope that architects in santa barbara will have the opportunity to bring it to life in the very near future.


As cliché as it sounds, the future is right here. The designs being developed now are representations of what the near future will look like for citizens of Santa Barbara. From humble beginnings, the architecture company has remastered interiors, crafted exceptional outlines of the practical design, and pushed envelopes of innovation.